Monday, September 15, 2014

Vintage Cinderella Birthday Ball

All you need is a little bibbidy bobbidy boo, lots of hot glue, and your party dreams will come true!

When Little Fashionista pranced up to me in her glass slippers and tutu, asking for a "Cinderell-y birthday," I knew there was going to be a grand ball in our future. So, off this fairy godmother went to every thrift shop, garage sale, and Pinterest board that could possibly offer me inspiration.  Finding everything from a Rococo-inspired shoe, to a large ornate clock that was just bagging to strike midnight, this Cinderella ball quickly adopted an adorable vintage vibe.

Since the party was held at a dance studio, we went a little more simple than normal with the dessert table, so as to avoid any bad sugar overdose+dancing reactions.  Still, the table featured fun nods to the classic fairytale, with "Cinderell-y's Mice" chocolates and Fairy Godmother pretzel wants.  While the beautiful cake was made courtesy of The Cake House.

The chocolate mice lemon tarts were a huge hit!
(Tarts were made by the amazingly talented Diane Anderson and the mice toppers were my little labor of love)

I love, love, love chocolate dipped pretzels for children's parties.  They are so easy to make and can be modified to fit almost any theme. These ones, in particular, are made from mint chocolate chips...yum!!

The kids each got their very own royal place setting, complete with glitter lip gloss (chap stick for the boys) and Fairy Godmother Dust.  Don't worry, I was smart enough to superglue the lids shut to prevent any glitter bombs...

Punch is another inexpensive element that I like to play with, as it can also match any this case, we had princess punch to match the color of Cinderella's dress!

Per LF's request, Daddy had to be Prince Charming, but with the weather over 90*, a sweaty Halloween costume was so not going to happen.  Instead, I modified a plain white tee and bought matching red shorts. Easy, breezy, beautiful...Covergirl...err...Prince Charming.

The favor bags had darling little carriage necklaces and candy for the girls and knights figurines and candy for the boys.

When all was said and done, the party was a dream come true, and this little princess got her happily ever after! 

...until next year;)

Bella C

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Photos courtesy of Photography by A. Leigh

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  1. it was a wonderful party and when a 5 year old boy enjoys the girls party, you know it was done right!


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