Thursday, May 28, 2015

Science Birthday Party

How do most people celebrate the big 5-0? Not like this! But this science-savvy grandpa wanted something outside of the box--so here it is!

A science-themed 50th birthday bash...
Oh, for the love of science!

Our candy bar, served in beakers, vials, and all things science-y!

We used the periodic table of elements motif throughout the decor (and even made up a few of our own elements to make it work!).

What's that oozing out of the drink dispenser? A mad scientist concoction, of course! 
(AKA, Kool-Aid and dry ice)
And how cool are those petri dish Jell-Os?

How else would a mad scientist take their drink, if not out of a beaker? So fun!

I really, really love when I get to work on a theme that breaks the "norm," so this party was so perfect to get to work on! 

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Bella C

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