Monday, December 15, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

Watch looks like Portland's freezing over with this Arendelle-inspired birthday party! 
Pulling from Disney's latest animated hit, Frozen, this party is the closest we'll get to a 2014 #SnowpocalypsePDX.  Grab your gloves, and check out the frozen fantasy, below!

Elsa definitely brought her magic with this "frozen over" food table, full of sweet and savory treats for the littles to eat!

Fun Frozen-themed snacks included Kristoff's Ice Jell-O, Snowflake Sandwiches, Olaf's Noses, and Frozen Hearts...yummers!

This beautiful Elsa doll cake was made by the uber-talented, Breanne S!

Little details brought the party together with subtle reminders to "Let it GOOOO..." ;)

And, how adorable are these two in the photo booth?!?

Brrrr...some parties are worth melting for;)

Bella C

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Princess and the Frog Birthday Party

This party was featured on Kara's Party Ideas!

This Princess and the Frog inspired birthday party was full of so much cuteness, you might just turn green! Pulling inspiration from Disney's New Orleans fairytale, guests were transported to the most glamorous swamp they ever did see. It was very swamp-meets-Bourbon Street-meets-classic fairytale, with an extra dose of glitter, because...why not? Hop down below and check it out!

The food table was by far the main attraction, with Tiana's Famous Gumbo, Bourbon St. Beignets, and Jammin' Jamabalaya.

 And let's not forget the GORGEOUS cake, courtesy of Sewell Sweets...

I especially love the candy frog prince!

And to drink...
What else would you want to cleanse your pallet with, rather than swamp water? Ok, probably lot's of things;) But when the swamp water tastes just like fresh lemonade, it's just right!

For activities, the kids got to hop over to the swamp-inspired photo booth and play "Pin the Kiss on the Frog."


And, let's be real, all the kids are really in it for the cake...So, birthday girl blew out those candles and the kids dug in!

For party favors, all the guests got to take home their very own Frog Prince Kisses...
Who knew slimey frog kisses could taste so sweet?!? 

Daddy even dressed the part!

And, of course, the birthday girl too!

Thanks for hopping by! 

Bella C

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CAKE: Sewell Sweets
PHOTOGRAPHY: Paula Johnstone Photography
BIRTHDAY PORTRAITS: Photography by A. Leigh

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Avengers Birthday Party

Avengers assemble!
Tots ran by and capes flew high at this super-powered birthday bash! Keeping with an Avengers theme, we pulled elements from Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and, the birthday boy's favorite, Thor! Check it out!

The Avengers-inspired dessert table.

Party treats included "Rice Krispy Rubble," "Choose Your Power Fruit," "Captain America Jell-O Stacks," and "Thor's Hammer Bites."

Our drink of choice: Hulk Smash!!!
"WARNING: May cause gamma radiation, erratic weight gain, and possible split personalities."

This amazing superhero cake was made by the talented Diane Anderson.

Each guest took home a superhero cape and mask, Avengers goodies, comic books, and superhero lollipops...yum!

And let's not forget the most important ops! 

I mean, is there anything cuter than miniature superheros?!? ;)

Hope you thought the party was as MARVEL-ous as I did!

Let me know in the comments below!

Bella C

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Sibling Birthday

Meeska...Mooska...MICKEY MOUSE!

For these two siblings, joint birthday parties will become pretty regular, as they were born on the exact same day...5 years apart.  Crazy cool, right? But this one was especially unique, as it was their very first shared birthday together.  Little sis was turning one! And since Mom and Dad are both Disney geeks (woot woot!), a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme seemed all too appropriate.

The party was a blast with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obstacle course ("Oh, tooooooodles!"), bean bag toss, and pinata battle! But you all know I really get my kicks from the decor.  Check it out below!

The party table!

 I tried to focus as much  as I could on the classic Mouseketeers (circa 1955ish), with primary colors, vintage artwork, and polka dots...lots of polka dots.

Yummy desserts!

The kids got a tickle out of the place bows for the ladies and bow ties for the gents.

What's a Mickey and Minnie party without some proper ears? Not one at all! All the kids got to take home their very own pair of ears...say cheers!

And last, but certainly not least, the adorable birthday kids!

 Yes, that cake was DESTROYED. As a proper birthday girl should:)

Hope these Mickey ears made you say, "Cheers!" Let me know in the comments below!


Bella C

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Grand Slam First Birthday

This little rookie celebrated his first birthday with America's favorite past! With a stadium-inspired dessert table, custom baseball favors, and a classic barbecue spread, this party was a grand slam!

Check out the details below...

Is it just me, or does this table make it almost impossible not to start humming Take Me Out to the Ball Game??

What is a first birthday without a celebration of all their firsts?? We covered this chalkboard with all of the little man's firsts and favorites, and it was a huge hit!

All of the classic concession snacks were incorporated to really bring this theme to life.  We had Big League Chews, Baby Ruths, Cracker Jacks, Cotton Candy, and the all-time fav, Coca Cola!  And, let's not forget that ADORABLE baseball smash cake, courtesy of Breanne S.

Check out these fun baseball sugar cookies and chocolate pretzel bats...incredibly easy to make, and tasty too!

It's all in the details...Each of the guests got to sign the birthday boy's "game ball" and took home a favor bag, complete with baseball trading cards, Twizzlers, and their very own baseball!

Mmmm...there's nothing like a hot dog with an ice cold lemonade! The barbecue spread was delicious!

But, what really hit this party out of the park? The birthday boy's grand-slam smile!
Future MVP!

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" 
-Babe Ruth

Bella C

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Vendor Credits:
Custom Baseball Invites: Andrea Gerig Designs
Custom "One" Bat: North Iowa Engraving
Cake: Breanne S. 
"One" Banner: Amy S. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Vintage Cinderella Birthday Ball

All you need is a little bibbidy bobbidy boo, lots of hot glue, and your party dreams will come true!

When Little Fashionista pranced up to me in her glass slippers and tutu, asking for a "Cinderell-y birthday," I knew there was going to be a grand ball in our future. So, off this fairy godmother went to every thrift shop, garage sale, and Pinterest board that could possibly offer me inspiration.  Finding everything from a Rococo-inspired shoe, to a large ornate clock that was just bagging to strike midnight, this Cinderella ball quickly adopted an adorable vintage vibe.

Since the party was held at a dance studio, we went a little more simple than normal with the dessert table, so as to avoid any bad sugar overdose+dancing reactions.  Still, the table featured fun nods to the classic fairytale, with "Cinderell-y's Mice" chocolates and Fairy Godmother pretzel wants.  While the beautiful cake was made courtesy of The Cake House.

The chocolate mice lemon tarts were a huge hit!
(Tarts were made by the amazingly talented Diane Anderson and the mice toppers were my little labor of love)

I love, love, love chocolate dipped pretzels for children's parties.  They are so easy to make and can be modified to fit almost any theme. These ones, in particular, are made from mint chocolate chips...yum!!

The kids each got their very own royal place setting, complete with glitter lip gloss (chap stick for the boys) and Fairy Godmother Dust.  Don't worry, I was smart enough to superglue the lids shut to prevent any glitter bombs...

Punch is another inexpensive element that I like to play with, as it can also match any this case, we had princess punch to match the color of Cinderella's dress!

Per LF's request, Daddy had to be Prince Charming, but with the weather over 90*, a sweaty Halloween costume was so not going to happen.  Instead, I modified a plain white tee and bought matching red shorts. Easy, breezy, beautiful...Covergirl...err...Prince Charming.

The favor bags had darling little carriage necklaces and candy for the girls and knights figurines and candy for the boys.

When all was said and done, the party was a dream come true, and this little princess got her happily ever after! 

...until next year;)

Bella C

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Photos courtesy of Photography by A. Leigh

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pirate Fairy Party

Shiver me timbers! Zarina and her crew are in sight!
It's party time for this six-year-old scallywag and her mateys. Climb aboard and she might just show you quarter...

Yo ho ho! It's a birthday buccaneer!

Treasures from their plunder...

Counting (and coloring) their doubloons.

Savvy the party? Let me know, below!

Fair winds, mateys!
Bella C

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