Friday, September 25, 2015

Clifford Birthday Party

Who let the dogs out? We did! The birthday girl's favorite dog, Clifford, to be exact! And with a larger than life pup, you need a larger than life party! Scroll down and check out all of the doggylicious details!
Here's our Clifford-inspired party table, complete with doggy dish snack bowls!

The giant dog house cake was courtesy of Sewell Sweets!

What's on the menu? Kibbles & Bits, Dog Bones, Paw Prints, and Puppy Chow!

For activities, we played "Pin the Collar on Clifford," Doggy A, B, Cs, and had a "Clifford's Coloring Corner" for the littles. Then, each guest got to take home a paw print party favor filled with yummy chocolates! ...And, check out that fire hydrant drink dispenser. So cute!

Let us know what you thought in the comments below!
And check out for details on pricing and packages!

Bella C


Friday, September 11, 2015

"The Little Mermaid" Pool Party

For this pool party, we dove "Unda da Sea" and transported guests into Ariel's mermaid kingdom! With splashy elements like our jellyfish lanterns, mermaid tail towels, and ship anchor favor bags, the undersea motif was in strong effect. And, of course the birthday girl LOVES The Little Mermaid, so we incorporated all of her favorite movie elements, with Dinglehopper Hair Bows, Sea Witch Punch, King Triton's Clam Cookies, and more! The kids loved all of the little details, and even had fun with some Little Mermaid trivia. For activities, we had kiddie pools, an inflatable water slide, and played "Mermaid Sack Race" with old pillow cases--they had a blast!

Little Mermaid Dessert Table

 The beautiful mermaid cake was courtesy of Sewell Sweets!

 The desserts included seashell chocolates and edible pearls, assorted macaroons, chocolate dipped madeleines, and King Triton's clam shell cookies!

 Little Mermaid Favor Table

 Favors included: Dinglehopper hair bows, miniature tridents, mermaid tail towels, and ship anchor goody bags.

 And to drink? Ursula's Sea Witch Punch, of course!

Finally, here are a few fun snaps of the kids in our mermaid/merman photobooth!


Let me know what you think, in the comments section below!

Bella C

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