Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Swimming with the Sharks" Birthday Party

It's shark week!!! Well, for this birthday boy, at least! All he wants is all sharks, all the time,  so where better to have a birthday party, than at the aquarium?!? We had so much fun playing up the shark theme, with the aquarium's natural aquatic ambiance as the perfect backdrop. What more could a birthday boy want than shark cupcakes and live manta rays? It was AWESOME.

Parents dropped off kids before the 40 minute drive to the aquarium, so we made sure to have lunches packed for the car ride...themed, of course!

For the party table, we played with the concept of shark diving (this three year old's dream...he's a brave one), with our own custom shark cage and sharks galore! 

The birthday boy LOVES his sugar, so we made sure we had it going on with shark cupcakes, "fish bait" gummies, and "life preserver" doughnuts. Sorry, parents;)

Deliciously viscious!

And finally, our happy birthday boy! The very reason we LOVE this job. 
(I'm still team dolphin though)

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