Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nutcracker Holiday Party

Ahhhh...nothing says the holidays have arrived like peppermint mochas, knitted sweaters, and the Nutcracker. Now, everyone in our family shows their Nutcracker appreciation in different ways.  My husband loves listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra's urban spin on the classic Nutcracker instrumentals.  My mother expresses her love through hundreds of Nutcrackers that annually take over every shelf, nook, and cranny in her house.  And I personally love the romance of it know, a heroic nutcracker who fights an evil mouse king to save the sugarplum princess as they dance their way to happily ever after and such.  But really, the most dedicated of us all is my daughter, who, bless her heart, is so incredibly enthralled with the Nutcracker ballet, that the three year old has taught herself the steps to Clara's solo, as reenacted in our living room, the parking lot, the grocery store, and pretty much anywhere else that could even slightly resemble a theater stage in her fantastic imagination.  

So, when she looks up at me with those precious wide eyes of hers and asks, "Mama, can I have a Nut-kwacker paw-tee?" I ask you, who am I to say no? Which brings me, dear readers, to this darling Nutcracker paw-tee...pee wee version. Because, really, what's cuter than tots in tutus?

Sigh...nothing melts my heart more than adorable ballerinas in a tiny winter wonderland:)

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