Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oregon Ducks Party

Are you or someone you know a serious Oregon fan? Then this is the party for you! 
Green and yellow were in full force at this Oregon Ducks themed get together, with football motif in overload.  And, the best part? The total party cost was under $100.  Check out the fun and affordable details below!

The party table was a nice balance of classic football food and some team-spirited desserts.

Chocolate mixed kettle corn is a cheap way to match your food to your theme. It comes in tons of colors and takes under 5 minutes to make!

"Pigs in a blanket" is another cheap snack that also double as a party favorite.

The younger kids, who wouldn't survive sitting through the National Championships, got to go to town at the art table, with Duck-themed coloring sheets and other coordinating crafts.

Alas, our Ducks didn't take home the win, but they still rocked an amazing 2014 season!

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